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2 hours

Free Tours Seville

The Jewish Quarter of Sevilla

2 hours

The Jewish Quarter of Sevilla.

The Jewish quarter of Sevilla, nowadays the "Santa Cruz" neighbourhood, is a obligated visit to get to know Sevilla. This offers you a vision of the history and legends of this wonderful city, a walk by its amazing past together with the charm of walking across the streets, which is a beautiful and emotional pleasure.

Come with us on a priceless guided tour in which you decide at the end its value if you liked it.

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    The Jewish Quarter of Seville / Free tourist route

    During our guided visit we will move to the Jews occupation era, we will visit the perimeter of its walls, gates, markets, synagogues and squares, as well as the acts, events, revolts and persecutions that made this place come to an end. But not just this, we will get to know the places where "Don Juan Tenorio" lived and walked or the hidden place where Miguel de Cervantes performed for the first time his plays. You will check that this beautiful neighbourhood has been involved in the history until nowadays.

    During our tour across Sevilla, you will enjoy the experience and the passion of ours guides.

    *Visit timing: around 2,0 hour

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    Free tour, we accept tips.


    Where is it?

    According to the group chosen. Check availability.

    How long does it last?

    2.30 hours

    What time?

    Departure at 10h, time of enecuentro at 9:30 EVERY DAY.

    Meeting point

    Puerta de Jerez, next to the hispalis fountain. Look for our blue umbrella.

    What language does this tour take place in?

    This tour is available in Spanish and English. For more information please contact us.

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