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Visit Granada and the Alhambra with an official guide.

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Don’t walk alone,
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Visit Granada and the Alhambra with an official guide.

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Granada is a warm, welcoming city with strong contrasts between the old and the modern. A city of kings, its monuments are the legacy of a history marked by Muslim and Christian cultures. It has been able to see time go by preserving the best of each era and renewing itself day by day. Granada will captivate your senses.

We propose you to meet its people, walk through its narrow streets full of history and discover things you wouldn't find in any book. Follow me!

Don't walk alone, Follow me! We go out 365 days a year.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to show our wonderful city in a different way with original guided tours regardless of budget.

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We offer professional and well trained guides that will explain the history with a unique style, in an entertaining and cultural way.

Enjoy a free tour of Granada, where FOLLOWME GRANADA guides, well trained, entertaining and unforgettable, work based on tips, thus ensuring the highest quality!

Our travelers think…

Excellent Walking Tour

We did a walking tour with Alain, he was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, funny, polite and approachable. We have done quite a few free tours in the recent past, and this was definitely one of the better ones. Would highly recommend this group for Granada.

Ciara O

great walking tour, excellent guide

we had a great time with the English tour with our guide Jesus, who is a very knowleageble person and explained us top attractions of Granada. The tour lasted ~3h, but was not painful walking, as we had many stops and we didn’t walk the climbing streets. I recommend this tour at the beginning of your stay in Granada as you will understand more of the culture and history of the place. Thanks a lot Jesus!


follow me granada

tip heavily. it is not fair it is free. the guides do more than necessary to explain the history of the city and are very knowledgeable

Godfrey L


It’s a climb up cobblestones and truly a maze. We’re so glad we took this tour. Definitely learned more from actually doing it rather than just reading books on it. The church with the nuns in white who pray all day was such an eye opener. Highly recommended. Tip generously. Granada is beautiful and has a very deep culture. Muchas gracias


Granada for first time visitors

Granada for first time visitors it is essential that you take this tour.
The tour gives you an insight to the city that is delivered by passionate enthusiastic knowledgeable guides who live their city and know it so well and love their city



We took the Albayzin tour with Adriana. She was wonderul and highly knowledgeable. We learned many interesting historical facts thanks to her. I also recommend the tour as you can easily get lost in this neighbourhood on your own.