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Albayzín Arab
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Albayzín Arab Old Quarter for free

2:30 hours

Albayzín Arab Old Quarter Free!

Walking with us through the old Arab quarter is the best way to understand Granada. We get lost among the alleys and corners of the Albayzín which still maintains its initial labyrinthine. White houses, cobbled alleys, flowers and cypress, Arab walls and Renaissance palaces. Discover the charming quarter under the spell of the Alhambra. Follow us!

Free tour Granada - Albayzín

Follow us on a journey into the Moorish roots and experience its pleasure sensations. Stroll through the narrow streets of the Albayzín and enjoy the best views of the Alhambra. Do not miss this fantastic neighborhood declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Strolling with us around the Arab old quarter is the most exciting way to visit Granada, getting lost through the streets, alleys and corners of the Albaycin whichs still retains its characteristic labyrinthine. A neighborhood where visitors can “touch the past”. White houses, narrow stoned streets flowers and cipresses, moorish Walls, renaissance palaces, all together bellow the omnipresence of the Alhambra.

Albayzin is a truly ancient settlement, dating from Roman times (although nothing remains visible from that period). It was here that the Zirid court was established in the 1000s, within the encircling citadel wall (some sections of that wall are still standing), and the Moorish community grew here too and expanded controlling great part of Spain.

It was the fall of Cordoba to the Christians in 1236 which led to the centralisation of Moorish control in Granada, the construction of the Nasrid palaces of the Alhambra, and the quarter of Albayzin reaches its peak.

Route of our free tour Granada

Through our itinerary we will pass by the Convent of San Gregorio, where the Poor Clares pray. It has an Ionic façade made of Sierra Elvira marble and, according to tradition, there were dungeons here in Islamic times where captive Christians were executed and buried.

We will continue climbing the Cuesta de San Gregorio, that albayzinera staircase that narrows as it passes between the Cármenes, decorated with flowers and climbing plants.

The typical construction in the Albayzín is El Carmen; houses surrounded by a wall that encloses, besides a house of ample proportions, a small orchard and some source that intones that so cozy sound of the water between its taken care of garden. Some of them are marvellous, a place where innumerable artists escaped to reach the maximum concentration and immerse themselves in their creations.

In the ascent towards the Albayzín alto, we will pass by the house of the cantaor from Granada Enrique Morente, who was born between these streets and in addition, we will make a beautiful stop in the viewpoint of Carvajales. It is quite hidden and goes unnoticed among many visitors, but it is worth it, as the perspective it offers of the Alhambra and the Generalife is shocking.

We will continue snaking this World Heritage district, between streets that twist and twist non-stop, to reach its summit, to the most famous view among all travelers and neighbors of the neighborhood, the Mirador de San Nicolas.

In our tour we will feel that past and present are mixed here, in this unique and authentic neighborhood of the capital of Granada where it is normal to see people shopping, older women returning home with meat, fish and fruit, some gypsies singing with their guitar to the rhythm of a few palms or a family of tourists trying for the first time the taste of breakfast bread with oil and tomato on a terrace.

Bill Clinton said that this neighborhood had the most beautiful sunset he had ever seen, and not for nothing, because the reddish tones that the sky acquires when it sets on the plain of Granada, make the snow of Sierra Nevada turn pink.

The Albayzín is a different world, where time does not pass. It is that place where you can get lost and find yourself, where you can discover the beauty of so much history, from the magic and purity of its nooks and crannies. It is that place where everybody is welcome, where a balanced harmony of aromas, sounds, lights and shadows reigns, a sweet memory that does not let you go and will surely leave you… with a lot of desire to return.

We invite you to meet its people, stroll through its narrow streets full of history and discover things you wouldn't find in any travel guide. Come with us for a priceless guided tour in which you decide at the end its value if you liked it.

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According to the group chosen. Check availability.

How long does it last?

2.30 hours

What time?

From October 15: departure at 5:30 p.m., meeting point at 5 p.m.

From March 16: departure 7 pm, meeting point 6:45 pm.

Meeting point

Fuente de Colón in Plaza Isabel la Católica. Look for our white umbrella.

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This tour is available in Spanish and English. For more information please contact us.

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